Yoga and resilience

Can yoga help me to develop my ability to calm down after a stressful situation?

A growing area of research is investigating why yoga can be helpful in establishing a more healthy response to stress. One research team (read the full paper here) suggested that this is related to yoga helping to increase vagal tone. The vagus nerve (a cranial nerve sometimes referred to as the ‘wandering’ nerve as it travels throughout our bodies and helps us to regulate the respiratory, nervous and digestive systems). Its relationship to all of these systems is as a regulator of our major bodily functions. Vagal ‘tone’ is the state of the vagus nerve: when we have ‘high’ vagal tone, this indicates having an easier time moving from a stressed state to a calm state. It is a marker of body-mind resilience. So the conclusion is that yoga practices are a potential source of improved body-mind resilience.