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Yep…still in progress

With so much happening all the time, I’m always surprised when people ask me ‘Is the Brussels RLY up and running yet?’ and they aren’t totally amazed when I say ‘Not yet, looks like it’ll be sometime mid-November. But we DO have a boiler now!’. I might be a tad effusive about my enthusiasm about the daily progress. Okay, yes, the workers always look a bit taken aback when I appear in the doorway and start to exclaim ‘OH WOW! Look at the _______!’ (fill in with any of the following: ceiling; new wall; smooth new windowsill; cable for lights; prep for the stairs). But seriously, look at what happens from visit to visit:


When the light technician comes in with a sample of the LED lights to demonstrate their effect, it is like the turning on of lights on a Christmas tree! The lighting changes everything making it softer and more inviting. We will have indirect lights so no one is laying in savasana with a light shining in their eyes – how lovely is that?

The front windows are really becoming a feature now that the walls have been tidied up and repairs have been made. The frame is in place for our feature wall – now awaiting the delivery of the wood! The photo below shows where we were when everything had been cleaned out, and where we are now.

Still in progress but looking great.