The Positive Mind

The third of the Ten Bodies, and the second of the mental bodies, is the Positive (Expansive) Mind. The Positive Mind is characterised by equality and positivity. It shows the best, most positive, outcome in any situation.

When the Positive Mind is mastered, you will have a strong will and will use power in an easy and humble way. Mastery of this body brings playfulness, optimism, a good sense of humour and direct communicate.

If the Positive Mind is weak, you can be overwhelmed by the Negative Mind. This may bring depression, anger and intolerance. You may also be afraid of the responsibility that comes with manifesting your own power.

As with the Negative Mind, if the Positive Mind is too developed we become imbalanced. We aim to find a balance between the Positive and Negative Minds. To strengthen a weak Positive Mind, we use positive affirmations. The Positive Mind is also balanced by strengthening the Navel Point.