The Positive Body Kriya for Achievement

Announcing the new 40 Day Kriya Challange with the Positive Body Kriya and meditation. The Positive Body is the 3rd body – click on the category ’10 Bodies’ link to learn more.

The exercises in the kriya can be done for 1-3 minutes each, so you can make the set quite short and then build up to doing each exercise for longer. In the video, the tune-in, the kriya and a short relaxation takes just under 34 minutes. If you add the meditation, Indra Mittra Meditation, the whole class takes just over 50 minutes. You can substitute a different meditation – just be sure to tune out at the end of your session.

By committing to 40 days, you can change your habits. Try it and watch the changes unfold!
I hope you will join us in this 40 day challange. Remember that if you miss a day, you need to start over… so this is a great motivation to keep up!