The Negative Mind

The second of the Ten Bodies is the Negative (Protective) Mind. It is the one of the three mental bodies. The Negative Mind is protective, spotting possible dangers in a situation. Characteristics of the Negative Mind are containment and obedience. When we use the phrase ‘Longing to Belong’, this is associated with the Negative Mind.

Mastering the Negative Mind helps to manifest the creativity of your Soul Body through containment, form and discernment. It is the deep desire to connect with your own Divine Self. If the Negative Mind is weak, your actions may be inappropriate, you may engage in self-destructive relationships or be over-influenced by other people.

To balance the Negative Mind, place value in your discipline and consciously develop relationships with integrity. A Negative Mind can be balanced by the Positive Mind – one must be strengthened if the other is overwhelming.