The Arcline

The Arcline, the sixth of the ten bodies, is more commonly known as your halo. It is the nucleus of the aura, extending from ear to ear (across the hairline and forehead). Women have a second arcline across their chest. The Arcline is associated with the pituitary gland, regulation of the nervous system and balance of the glandular system. It relates to justice, protection and prayer. The Arcline is the balance between the physical realm and the cosmic realm.

When you master the Arcline, you are focused, have concentration, and meditative. The intuition of the Arcline can be used to protect you from stress. If the Arcline is weak, you may be overprotective, easily influenced, and have glandular imbalances (leading to moodswings and erratic behaviour). Balance the Arcline by awakening the pituitary gland (the sixth chakra).