Every day you combine two simple activities without even thinking about them: breathing and walking. These two actions can be used in a systematic and mindful way to achieve deeper physical and spiritual benefits. The book, ‘Breathwalk: Breathing Your Way to a Revitalized Body, Mind and Spirit’ by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa and Yogi Bhajan, describes a series of breathing and walking exercises which bring you vitality, focus, calm, clarity, intuition and spiritual abundance, and more.

‘Breathwalk is the science of combining specific patterns of breathing synchronized with your walking steps and enhanced with the art of directed, meditative attention. Breathwalk is simple, natural, and effective. Once you know how to choose and do a breathing pattern as you walk, you will have an immediate path to physical and mental fitness.’ (pages 3-4)

Breath of Fire

For those of you who want to practice the Breath of Fire at home, this video is a really clear explanation and instruction for the breath.
I encourage everyone to have a look at this – even if you’ve been doing Breath of Fire for a while, it is a great way to improve your practice.

Sat Nam!



While she was in Antwerp, Gurmukh gave a series of workshops. Having attended one, I was delighted to find that excerpts of some of the others were available on YouTube!

This video is a short teaching on the topic of the breath. I hope that this teaching raises your awareness about your own breathing: “The quality of your life is based on the quality of your breath”.

Sat Nam!