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RLY Bxl: before it gets better

The phrase ‘it gets worse before it gets better’ definitely applies to the building trade.  Piles of rubble grow, dust continues to gather, and wires appear… We have big movable scaffolding for the guys who are plastering the ceiling, trenches dug into the floor for the cables, and stacks of building supplies piled up in the corner.   This messy chaos brings change.  For example, to my delight, walking into the space I discovered that the entrance now includes a step rather than a ramp (the space used to be a show-room for cars, so presumably this is where they drove them in at one point).  We will gain so much additional floor space for yoga by levelling the floor.  Here is a photo of the ‘before’ and the ‘during’ – eagerly awaiting the ‘after’ 🙂


I walk in and visualise what people will see as they step into the space: a reception area to welcome them, a long kitchen with a tray of cups and flasks of hot tea, a table and chairs for sitting after class to enjoy the post-yoga bliss, a little shop area full of inspiring books and props… I am officially a fan of the men who are putting in so many hours to create the physical manifestation of the vision of the wonderful Francesca – our amazing architect and project manager extraordinaire.  They may not know it, but every time I pop in to have a nose around, I see the space for our yoga community becoming a reality.