Recommended reading for pregnancy

Recommended reading:

Beautiful, Bountiful, Blissful: Experience the Natural Power of Pregnancy and Birth with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (by Gurmukh)
I can’t recommend this book enough – it is by my teacher, Gurmukh, and each time I re-read it, I find more inspiration.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (by Ina May Gaskin)
Written by the well-known American midwife, the case studies of various births make this a compelling read. Also useful for details about what happens to your body during labour and birth.

Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives: A holistic guide to pregnancy (by Deepak Chopra)
This beautiful book provides a spiritual view of pregnancy. Also included are excellent meditations, exercises and advice.

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering (by Sarah Buckley)
Written by a medical doctor, this book so informative – it is a fascinating presentation of natural childbirth and parenting decisions.

Birthing from Within (by Pam England and Bob Horowitz)
A new perspective on childbirth education, definitely worth a read.

Birth and Breastfeeding: Rediscovering the needs of women during pregnancy and childbirth (by Michel Odent)

The Secret Life of the Unborn Child: A remarkable and controversial look at life before birth (by Thomas Verny and John Kelly)