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Practice together - Radiant Light Yoga


Mindfulness Meditation

Join us for live online guided mindfulness meditation practice.  This practice is offered as a community class, no charge, to have an opportunity to connect and sit together.

The theme for the July practice is ‘Compassion for your distracted self’.  Sign up by entering your details in the form below.

flow + restore

Dynamic Movement meets Restorative Yoga

The practice of ‘Flow + Restore’ is a combination of activity and rest.  The class begins with tuning in, developing an awareness of our current state, then moving with more dynamic asana.  This is followed by a slowing down and gradual moving into a restorative phase. In this part of the class we will use props to support the body in positions of comfort of ease. This helps the body to relax and rest deeply, creating physiological responses that reduce the effects of stress.

Community Flow + Restore classes will be offered every other month.  Join Kristen for a guided live online Zoom practice!

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