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October: month of Self Care

Each month we will dedicate our blog, Facebook and Instagram feed to a new and inspiring theme for conscious living.

October: month of Self Care.

Put on your oxygen mask first before helping anyone else.

While fastening your seat belt to go and fly above the clouds, you hear the steward say this. But did you know there’s a hidden life lesson in this instruction? Especially when we run around taking care of everything and everyone else except ourselves.

In life too, we want to put our oxygen masks on first. Only then do we start to really take care of ourselves. If we give ourselves love (meeting our own needs, treating ourselves with compassion), then we begin to refill our reserves of energy.

That’s why our first monthly theme is “Self Care”.
It is the root of everything.
Let’s make it our priority.

This October we will plunge into an abundance of self love.

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