Meditation to Break Through Blocks

Gobinday Mukanday

This mantra is from the Jaap Sahib, and is also known as the Guru Gaitri Mantra. It is for breaking through blockages, purifying the electromagnetic field (aura), and bringing compassion and patience to those who meditate on this mantra.

See below for directions for doing the mantra with movement.

Tune in to your meditation practice with ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’ (repeat 3 times).

Posture: Easy pose, with a straight spine.

Focus and Mantra: Your eyes are closed. The mantra is:

Gobinday (elbows bent, arms by your sides, hands in fists)
Mukanday (bring arms up to 60 degrees, opening up to the sky like a V, look up)
Udaaray (circle arms overhead like a sun)
Apaaray (complete the circle, bringing hands under chin, palms up)
Hareeung (arms out straight, parallel to the floor, palms down)
Kareeung (keeping sides of hands together, transition to palms facing up, hands cupped)
Nirnaamay (arms still parallel to floor, bring palms together, fingers pointing forward)
Akaamay (move into prayer pose at your Heart Centre)

Time: 11 minutes.

Music: In class we used Gurudass Kaur’s version ‘Gobinde Mukande’ (available from iTunes). There are many other beautiful versions of this mantra to choose from!