Online classes: Facebook Live


  1. Join us on the Radiant Light Yoga Facebook page for the Live video.
  2. If you would like to make a donation, please go to the RLY app.  Select ‘buy’ on the app (thank you!) and purchase an online class.  All proceeds go to the teachers.


The power of community is very important to us, and now it is more important than ever to embody our yoga. Your teachers are here to help you with just that. ❤ You can find the online schedule on our free APP.  Make sure to check the schedule regularly as we are adding classing each day.

Your teachers are volunteering their time towards these live sessions.We appreciate your help and welcome any donation you can afford to make in this time – all proceeds will go to supporting your teachers. Donations can be made through the APP by purchasing a ticket for an online class.

Join us live or watch a recorded video to remain connected to our community. Like Jon Kabat-Zinn described, our mind-body practices of taking care of our well-being are like weaving a parachute. Keep practicing and your parachute develops. When challenges arise, you have a parachute to use.