first twenty classes

Having moved to Belgium for her husband’s career, Kristen began a yoga teacher training as a way to learn more about her own practice.  The course required its students to teach 20 classes during the training… and then kept going!


specialist training

Though the initial Kundalini Yoga teacher training was an excellent foundation, specialist training was needed in order to be able to teach prenatal yoga.  Travelling to New York City (this was before one could do trainings online!) to learn with Gurmukh, Kristen met one of her key teachers.


a gift

The first studio, in Wilrijk, was a gift.  Literally.


naming RLY

Before the Wilrijk studio was re-branded, we needed to come up with a name!  After much deliberation, the name Radiant Light Yoga came from two sources. The first was the yogic concept of the radiant body, which attracts opportunities.  The second was Kristen’s spiritual name given when she completed her first teacher training: Sat Jot (one that shines with true light).