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Learning Mindfulness: An Introductory Workshop

Sat 19 April (14:00-16:00)
with Nathalie Verschueren (in Flemish)

What is MINDFULNESS? It is an mind-body based approach that helps people to change the way they think and feel about their experiences, especially stressful experiences. Mindfulness:
– teaches us attention to thoughts, feelings and body sensations to become directly aware of them, and better able to manage them;
– has deep roots in ancient meditation practices and also draws on recent scientific advances;
– is of potential value to everybody to help find peace in a busy world.

This training has the potential to help you to:
– experience long-lasting physical and psychological stress reduction;
– be less likely to get stuck in depression and exhaustion, and better able to control addictive behaviour.

Natalie is a clinical psychologist at the Institute for Attention and Mindfulness. She gives customized mindfulness training to individual, to companies and groups. Join Natalie on Sat 19 April (14:00-16:00) for an opportunity to discover positive changes in your well-being using this mind-body based approach, and more about the 8 Week course in Mindfulness. Both the Intro Workshop and the 8 Week course will be in Flemish (we hope to have an English course available this Autumn).

Cost: 20 euros
Register: right sidebar >