In Italy, “puppy yoga” banned for the well-being and health of the puppies

Imagine a peaceful yoga session, but with an extra touch of gentleness: puppies frolicking around the mats. That’s the essence of “puppy yoga”, a practice that has captivated many enthusiasts before raising major concerns about animal welfare.

Recently, Italy has taken a decisive measure by banning these yoga sessions with puppies, raising the essential question of preserving animal health and participant safety. In this article, we will examine the reasons for this decision, the reactions it has sparked, and its impact on the practice of yoga with canine friends in Europe.

“Puppy Yoga”, a controversial trend

“Puppy yoga” is a practice that combines yoga poses and interactions with puppies, offering participants an experience that is supposed to be relaxing and joyful. Supporters of this trend claim that the presence of puppies helps reduce stress and increase happiness. However, this activity has recently come under scrutiny, leading to questions about the relevance of its existence in terms of animal welfare.



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Reasons for the Italian ban

The recent ban on “puppy yoga” in Italy is primarily motivated by animal health protection and participant safety. Experts emphasize that young puppies are particularly vulnerable in an environment that can be stressful for them, with frequent handling and a noisy setting. Moreover, close interaction between puppies and individuals could pose health risks, hence Italy’s decision to prohibit these sessions.

Adult dogs exempt from the ban

The ban does not apply to yoga sessions that include adult dogs, which are considered more capable of handling the potential stress of a yoga session with humans. This distinction aims to maintain a balance between pursuing practices deemed beneficial for human and animal well-being, while protecting puppies who are considered more fragile.

Support from animal advocates for the Italian decision

The Italian National Council for the Protection of Animals as well as a canine expert have expressed their support for the ban, emphasizing the importance of putting the needs and safety of animals at the forefront. These positions reflect a growing awareness and commitment to animal protection in the country.



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Criticisms of “puppy yoga”: between impulsive adoption and intensive breeding

In addition to concerns regarding animal welfare, “puppy yoga” is also criticized for its potential to encourage impulsive adoption of puppies and indirectly support the purchase of breeding animals. These practices can lead to hasty decisions on the part of participants, without sufficient consideration for the long-term responsibilities of welcoming a pet.

An enlightening testimony from a puppy breeder

An damning testimony comes from a puppy breeder, who denounces the poor transport and housing conditions often associated with “puppy yoga” sessions. These statements offer a troubling glimpse behind the scenes and reinforce the arguments in favor of the ban.

The situation in France: legality and controversy

While “puppy yoga” remains legal in France, it faces similar criticisms as those expressed in Italy. Voices are rising, such as that of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, to denounce the problematic aspects of this practice and call for reflection on ways to ensure animal welfare while seeking alternative ways of relaxation and leisure for individuals.

Through the Italian example, it becomes evident that the well-being of domestic animals is increasingly at the center of societal concerns. The Italian decision could well inspire other countries to reevaluate their own practices and place animal health on equal footing with human benefits in shared leisure activities.

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