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Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga Fundamentals Teacher Training


How much yoga experience do I need to enroll in the program?  We ask that trainees have at least 3 years of yoga* experience. The intention of this requirement is to ensure that trainees have developed a relationship with yoga, or *another related discipline, and to have an established practice. The precise amount of experience within this time frame is something that we will discuss in interview.

How do I know if my physical yoga practice is “good enough” for teacher training?  The physical yoga practice is less important than the overall relationship to the practice. For example, we ask that trainees understand that there is a degree of physical challenge in the training, but overall we are interested in each individual’s dedication to their practice, rather than strictly ability.

How demanding is the training?  The demands of the training are twofold:  1. your commitment to the program: we ask that you spend time on personal practice between training modules, there is advanced reading in preparation for each module, and you will be assessed to ensure you have adequately understood each module (see below for details about assessment).  2. physical demands: we ask that you are able to participate in a standard-level Hatha yoga class, with some flow components.

Is there credit for yoga teacher training hours completed in another program?  At the moment we do not have a policy for transferring TT hours from other programs.

Application process

How do I apply?   The application form may be completed and submitted online. The final date for doing so is 1 December 2018.  The application does not commit you to doing the training, but lets us know of your intention. Your agreement to take part comes after the interview (see below), when you are invited to attend and pay your deposit.

After I send the application, what can I expect?  You will be sent an email confirming the receipt of your application. We will then be in touch to invite you to interview. The interview is an informal opportunity to meet two of the teacher trainers, to ask any questions you might have, and to ensure that this training is for you.

When will I find out if I have been accepted into the program? Is there a chance I may not be accepted?  We will let you know at the end of the interview. In some circumstances, we might recommend that an individual do some further practice before applying to join the training for the next intake. Otherwise, you will then be invited to join the training, and your spot will be confirmed once your deposit is paid.


What kind of yoga is taught? What kind of yoga will this program prepare me to teach?  This is a training in Hatha Yoga. This will include: yoga asana, anatomy + movement, meditation, philosophy, yoga lifestyle, ethics, communication, and the business of yoga. This program is designed to give trainees a thorough foundation for learning the craft of teaching yoga, from which trainees can then decide on specialisms.

What type of certification will I have when I am done?  Trainees who successfully complete the full program will be able to apply for a 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) qualification from Yoga Alliance. This is an internationally recognised teaching qualification.

What is Yoga Alliance?  Yoga Alliance is a USA-based organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga. The Yoga Alliance Registry is a highly recognised credentialing program for yoga teachers and yoga schools.


What sort of homework and assessment will be involved?  

  • The course will include personal practice (yoga, meditation and pranayama), reading, reflective journalling, written reports as well as practical hands-on teaching experience.  You are required to do preparatory reading and other work, including mindfulness practice, for each weekend module.
  • Students will be required to attend 20 yoga classes (of at least one hour in duration each) taught by a certified teacher in any yoga tradition. For each class, students will be asked to write a short entry in their workbooks about their experience in that particular class.
  • All students will be required to teach two Community Classes at Radiant Light Yoga, with one member of the teacher trainers attending. Feedback will be given from the trainer.
  • In addition, each student will be responsible for teaching to the group of trainees. Feedback will be given from the teaching panel (made up of at least 2 teacher trainers).
  • You must also satisfactorily complete a number of other assignments during the course, on anatomy, decoding Sanskrit, yoga philosophy and history of yoga. Other assignments will include topics such as class planning and sequencing. Informal assessment will be ongoing throughout the year.

Further training/opportunities

Will you offer more training after the Fundamentals course is finished?  Yes, our intention is to offer additional specialised trainings and other continuing professional opportunities. You are also welcome to attend additional electives,  at your own cost.

Will you assist me in my career development as a yoga teacher?  After the training is completed, we will offer a mentoring programme to those who would like to continue receiving support. Radiant Light Yoga will also offer teacher development opportunities to those who wish to teach at RLY.


How many trainees will there be?  We are limiting our total number to a maximum of 25 trainees.

Do we have to bring our mats, own notebooks, etc?  Yes, please bring your own mat. Other props will be provided.

On the Saturdays, what are the arrangements for lunch?  We will have an hour for lunch on Saturdays, and you are very welcome to use the kitchen at RLY (we have a fridge, cooker and oven – sorry, no microwave) to prepare your own food. There are a few small supermarkets nearby.

What hours are required for the course, outside of weekend modules?  We ask that you commit to a regular yoga and meditation practice, as well as reading.

Can I record the lectures and other sessions?  Permission to using electronic recording (audio or visual) must be made directly to the teacher of that session. We ask that recordings made during the training be used only for your benefit, and kept strictly to yourself, not shared with any other party.


What if I have to miss a portion of the training?  If any part of the taught modules is missed, you will be responsible for making up the missed work by attending that module in the training for the following year.

Costs and payments

May I pay my tuition in installments?  Yes, in 3 installments.  The total cost of the training is €3000 (including VAT). This price includes all teaching costs (including all weekend modules and 1 elective) and the workbook manual. There are X books that are required reading. You may purchase these independently or through RLY.  If your application is successful, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of €750. The next payment of €1250 will be due before 1 January 2019, and the final payment of €1000 is due before 30 June 2019.

May I have a discount on my regular class pass?  We require that trainees attend 20 classes taught by a certified yoga teacher, but these do not have to be at RLY. However, those attending the training will be offered a 20x class pass as part of the training. Additionally, an Annual Pass may be purchased with a 50% discount (but it must be purchased within the dates of the teacher training course, not after completion).