What is Zoom?
Zoom is a video conferencing platform used for virtual meetings, webinars, and yoga lessons.
The Zoom website is: https://zoom.us/

How will I meet with my teacher?
Radiant light yoga will send a link to you via email 45 minutes prior to the start of your class. The email will come from info@radiantlightyoga.be so make sure you add that address to the list of your trusted senders.

How will I get the Meeting ID for my class?
Radiant Light Yoga will email you with the following information:
Meeting date:
Meeting time:
URL to your class in Zoom:
Just tap on the URL to get access

What do I need to meet with my teacher on Zoom room?
Download the Zoom app to your laptop computer: Visit Zoom’s Download Center
https://zoom.us/download to download the application to your computer.
Click on Download

Zoom will download the Zoom package to your computer.

Follow the prompts to download the Zoom application to your laptop.

Once installed, create your account.

Should I use my laptop, phone or tablet?
Online yoga works best when you’re using a laptop with a camera at the top. This allows the
camera to be adjusted so your teacher can see everything you’re doing. The teacher needs to see
your shoulder blades, nag you about your hip flexors, and encourage you to relax your big toe! 🙂

How do I set up my laptop and mat?
Set up your laptop far enough away so your teacher can see you and the side view of your full mat.
The whole horizontal mat should be in the camera frame. Do your best and don’t worry.

Try to put yourself in a quiet place and ensure you have a strong and stable internet connection. If a family member is watching Netflix, make them stop 🙂

Is using Zoom complicated?
Not at all. Give yourself a couple of minutes before the start of the class to get comfortable with the Zoom environment. You will get the hang of it quickly.