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Conscious Communication: a Kundalini Yoga workshop

Saturday 23 Feb 2019 (14:00-17:00)
RLY Wilrijk

Conscious Communication – Uplift and penetrate through the power of the word.

In Kundalini Yoga, communication is everything. We create our world through communication. We manifest our spirit through communication.

Restorative Yoga Weekend Immersion

Saturday 16 March (13:00-17:00) & Sunday 17 March (14:00-17:00)

RLY Brussels

This 7 hour immersion is like a mini-retreat with an emphasis on experiencing relaxation, spread over two afternoons: Saturday 16 March (13:00-17:00) and Sunday 17 March

Yoga Nidra for the Spring Equinox

Saturday 23 March (17:15-18:30)
RLY Brussels

Would you like to feel well rested?
When we have enough sleep we have a sense of well being, but for many adults this is not our consistent experience. Yoga Nidra

Recharge, Revive, and Revitalise

Sunday 7 April 2019 (14:00-16:30)
RLY Brussels

The main aims of this 2.5 hour workshop are to breathe inspiration into practice with Kundalini Yoga through asana and pranayama. An introductory explanation will include information about how we

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Weds 1 May - Sun 5 May 2019 (13:00-18:00 Weds-Fri, and 9:30-18:00 Sat-Sun)
RLY Wilrijk

The intention of this 30 hour course is to share the key skills for developing your own Restorative Yoga practice and for