Melt & Move: Neck & shoulders

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In this 3-hour workshop myofascial release self-massage workshop on Zoom, Samantha will teach you techniques and exercises to release tension and constriction from the neck and the shoulders.  She will also teach various exercises to strengthen important muscles to help improve the function of the shoulders.

The benefits include an entire ‘toolbox’ to help you recognise and address your own shoulder tension or pain; learning how to soothe neck and facial tension; and improving movement and coordination of the shoulders.

About Sam:

Samantha is a Living Yolates certified teacher and a Massage Therapist specializing in Myofascial Release massage following modules of ‘Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials’ by Tom Myers, courses in Amsterdam with Simon Poxton, an Australian Physiotherapist and doing the ‘Roll to Release’ course by James Mattingly. She is particularly passionate about bringing deep awareness and understanding of the body through both movement and touch techniques and helping others live without the discomfort of chronic pain, and tension through myofascial release massage, self-massage techniques and strengthening through Pilates.