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Intuition: A Kundalini Yoga workshop

with Goedele Leyssen
Saturday 31st January (16:30-19:00)

Sometimes our intellect says ‘yes’, while our intuition yells ‘no’. The sixth chakra stands for intuition and wisdom. When your sixth chakra is working well, you make the right choice. When it is off balance, we worry, we have many doubts and we are confused…

During this workshop, we’ll do exercises and meditations to develop your intuition. Do you like to be at the right place at the right time? It is here you have to be :-).

Cost: 35 euros

Advanced Asanas Masterclass

Scorpion Pose
Thursday 15th Jan (18:30-20:00)
with Barbara

Got the basics under your belt and ready to take your asana practice to the next level? This Advanced Asana Masterclass will guide you through a strong vinyasa warm-up before progressing into advanced heart openers, arm balances and inversions. We will complete the class by sinking into a well-deserved deep relaxation.

The practice will be supported by props, partnering and step by step, guided preparations. Options will be provided for each asana, allowing an appropriate alternative for each individual.

Advanced asana practice develops focus and perseverence and helps overcome fear and pre-conceived limitations. It encourages a sense of adventure and freedom as you safely explore your own possibilities.

Prepare to be challenged, supported and inspired!

Cost: 15 euros
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