Welcome! This blog is a new feature on our website to keep everyone up to date on what is happening with the new space that will be Radiant Light Yoga (RLY) Brussels.  Yaaaayyyy 🙂
So here is the background: Even before I did my first teacher training I was always keeping an eye out for potential spaces for a yoga center in Brussels.  It was kind of a dream I had – wanting to create a place to practice yoga, a space where I would love to attend classes.  Then RLY Antwerp came to be.  Many of you reading this are students who may already know how RLY Antwerp came about.  This wonderful story merits an entire post itself, but the short version is that an amazingly generous and wonderful person GIFTED the yoga center to me (right?! I know).
Though I was really happy to be running RLY Antwerp and being involved in this growing community, my intention of opening a center in Brussels remained. Over the past years I have found numerous spaces that for one reason or another just would not work… and trust me we did our homework!  After the last one I decided to give it up for a while and concentrate on RLY Antwerp.  I kept up with my occasional perusal of the estate agency websites, but did so out of mild curiosity.  Then one day I saw a photo of a space that caught my eye.  It was in a fantastic location.  It had beautiful windows and a lovely exterior.  Without getting too excited (e.g. already arranging mats and setting up a class schedule), I made an appointment and went to visit.
Well, you have probably guessed by now what happened.  I walked in and thought, yes, we (because it takes a team) could make this work.  But would it meet all the criteria necessary to open it as a yoga center?  After MONTHS of working with various professionals, the answer was yes.
Fastforward to today (beginning of October 2015):  the space has been made ready for our team to come in and do the renovation.  We are starting with the necessaries (electricity, boiler, radiators, etc) and then onto making it beautiful.  Right now it is like a big blank slate, ready to become RLY BXL.
Looking forward to posting about the progress this coming week as the renovation team begin their work!

January theme: Breath

Everyone reading this is inhaling and exhaling. Well, hopefully…

Our breath has the power to significantly transform us. Breathing consciously can impact our lives in ways difficult to imagine.

Many ancient languages use breath and spirit, or breath and soul, as the same word.
Spiritus comes from an old Latin word, meaning “to breathe”, but also “soul” or “spirit”.

With a curious attitude, try to place some extra attention on your breath today.

How is your breath when you are in traffic?
How is your breath in the midst of a discussion?
How about when you first wake up?

Inhale. Exhale.
Let it flow.

December theme: Intention

The mornings are frosty and the nights are arriving earlier. More and more lights illuminating the city. It’s that time of the year: holiday season is coming!

For some of us that comes with the connotation of finding presents, preparing fancy dinners and writing lots of cards. It can be a job of its own…

Let’s try to approach the holidays with awareness.
What is your intention?

When preparing a holiday meal for example: Rather than setting the intention of having perfect food on the table, maybe this time the intention can be just to be with our family and friends.

Let’s live less out of habit
and more out of intent.

Let’s bring people together, share our stories, laugh lots and give hugs and warmth.

Restorative Yoga with massage

with Kristen and Ingrid
Friday 12th December (19:00-20:30)

This restful workshop is an opportunity to let go of activity and move into relaxation… Our restorative postures will be enhanced with massage by Ingrid, especially helpful in assisting the process of letting go of tension and quieting the mind.

This workshop is limited to 12 students, so please register and pay in advance to avoid disappointment.

Cost: 20 euros

November theme: Simplicity

Do you remember a time in your life when you played outside all day and knew to be back home when it became dark?

A time so simple.

Have you seen how a cat can just sit and just be?

So simple and pure.

You might have guessed it, as we continue our theme of self-care, this month is going to be all about SIMPLICITY.

Ok, we can’t ignore it, we have bills to pay now and a little more responsibility. But we have to admit that on some levels we make choices that complicate our lives.

That is why we’re going use this month to become aware of where we can simplify.
Can we do with a little bit less?
Could that even give us more?

And most importantly we’re going focus on the enjoyment of the simple things in life.

According to Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

Mantra Evening

with Fabienne and Garsett
Fri 21 Nov (20:30-22:00)

The singing of mantras opens your heart.
They are the nectar for your soul.
Their vibrations lift you up to a higher consciousness.
This evening we experience the joy of singing together.
The energy flows and moves you, like a river that finds its way to the source.

A joyful evening full of sound, movement and silence.

cost: 15 euros

Sweet Dreams: a Kundalini workshop

with Goedele Leyssen
Sat 15 Nov (16:30-19:30)

In this Sweet Dreams- workshop, Goedele Leyssen, Kundalini Yoga teacher and author of Boost (Uitg. Manteau) will learn how to become a better sleeper. Expect accessible exercises that will bring you comfortable, happy sleep, meditation and breathing techniques that will help you to unwind after a long day at work and some smart yoga lifestyle tips and tricks to beat insomnia.

cost: 35 euros

October: month of Self Care

Each month we will dedicate our blog, Facebook and Instagram feed to a new and inspiring theme for conscious living.

October: month of Self Care.

Put on your oxygen mask first before helping anyone else.

While fastening your seat belt to go and fly above the clouds, you hear the steward say this. But did you know there’s a hidden life lesson in this instruction? Especially when we run around taking care of everything and everyone else except ourselves.

In life too, we want to put our oxygen masks on first. Only then do we start to really take care of ourselves. If we give ourselves love (meeting our own needs, treating ourselves with compassion), then we begin to refill our reserves of energy.

That’s why our first monthly theme is “Self Care”.
It is the root of everything.
Let’s make it our priority.

This October we will plunge into an abundance of self love.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram feed for tips, tricks and pics for inspiration.

Ready to start your own love story?

Radiant Glow: a Kundalini Yoga workshop

Saturday 11th October 2104 (16:30-19:30)
with Goedele Leyssen

A radiant skin and little stars in your eyes. How do you get that beautiful ‘yoga glow’? This inspirational workshop will be about beauty from the inside and out. We will combine Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with accessible food and lifestyle tips that will make you happy, healthy and beautiful. For all levels.

Cost: 35 euros

Goedele Leyssen is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher with a past as a Beauty, Wellness and Health editor. In April 2014, she published her first book: Boost. The Manual for Body and Mind. www.livewithgrace.com

3 days of workshops with Simon Low

Friday 7th Nov (9:00-12:00)  “Exploring Stillness” – Yin Yoga

This workshop is currently fully subscribed – please register to join the waitlist
Yin Yoga is a predominantly passive, restorative, non-muscular practice during which we often stay in asana for several minutes, emphasizing breath, stillness, meditative internal enquiry and our relationship with gravity. This approach to yoga is nourishing, deeply relaxing, and highly effective in addressing deep rooted holding patterns in our physical tissues while stimulating the movement and quality of our subtle energies at a cellular level. (all levels except complete beginners)
Cost: 45 euros

Friday 7th Nov (18:00-21:00): Anatomy for Teachers

This workshop is currently fully subscribed – please register to join the waitlist
An intensive workshop offering the key principles for safe and effective anatomically informed teaching. This is essential knowledge for all teachers and students of yoga.
Cost: 45 euros

Saturday 8th Nov (10:00-12:30): Safe + Sound Sun Salutations

This workshop is currently fully subscribed – please register to join the waitlist
Surya Namaskar, the yoga vinyasa of ‘sun salutations’, is perhaps yoga’s most popular approach to dynamic asana practice, but sadly also a fertile ground for wear and tear in our body’s joint complexes, especially those of the shoulders, neck, knees, SI joints and lower back. This workshop offers anatomical knowledge with practical techniques and modifications to develop integrity in sun salutation practice, build strength alongside flexibility, and stability to support mobility, leading to an accessible, fluid, safe, intelligent and empowering vinyasa yoga practice with space for incorporating multiple variations and looping sequences. (all levels)
Cost: 45 euros

Saturday 8th Nov (14:00-17:00): Yin and Anatomy

This workshop is currently fully subscribed – please register to join the waitlist
Yin Yoga offers essential balance to the predominantly yang and muscular approach to asana practice. A slower, deeper, grounded practice, emphasizing the use of gravity, breath & props in long ‘passive’ holds with a relaxed ‘muscle body’, & a more direct involvement of the ‘connective tissue’, facia, ligaments & tendons, & the ‘opening & energetic movement within the joints & bone structure.

In this led practice workshop we will explore Simon’s anatomically sound interpretation of yin yoga, and its many rich benefits for body, mind, breath and brain.  Most students of this approach comment on their improved ability to sit in meditation with comfort & stillness. In addition, students who have previously enjoyed a more Yang dominant practice, have reported that their ‘dynamic’ practice has become easier, more comfortable, more varied & more enjoyable. Nearly all students have commented on their yoga practice feeling more ‘complete’, and more ‘in-tune’ with their lives. (all levels except complete beginners)
Cost: 45 euros

Sunday 9th Nov (10:00-12:30): Yang and Anatomy

This workshop is currently fully subscribed – please register to join the waitlist
Simon’s very popular interpretation of Yang Yoga is a combination of a flowing vinyasa and a broad spectrum of asanas that build energy, flexibility and strength while deeply honouring the natural rhythms and construction of the human anatomy. After essential joint preparation, precision of alignment in asana is balanced by circular and spiral movement patterns, and the conscious awareness and cultivation of chi, or prana, our life force. This practice will be stimulating, energising, nurturing, playful and profoundly effective, while throughout Simon will emphasise the importance of intelligent anatomically informed asana practice. (all levels except complete beginners)
Cost: 45 euros

Sunday 9th Nov (14:00-17:00): Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Mantra

This workshop is currently fully subscribed – please register to join the waitlist
Restorative yoga is becoming more popular every day as it directly responds to the ever-growing need for conscious rest, relaxation, and recuperation for body, mind and brain. Traditionally restorative yoga incorporates a large quota of yoga props to practice. While these are very much recommended, and asana will be instructed accordingly, we often need restorative practice when there are no props readily available. In this workshop we will explore also restorative yoga without props, while instructing the construction of props with everyday household / hotel items. (all levels)
Cost: 45 euros

Cost Options

1 workshop: 45 euros
2 workshops: 80 euros
3 workshops: 120 euros
4 workshops: 150 euros
5 workshops: 185 euros
6 workshops: 210 euros



Simon Low (BWY & E-RYT 500) has been teaching yoga for 23 years. He was the original Director & co-founder of London’s Triyoga, the UK’s most popular yoga studios, and founder and Principal of The Yoga Academy, one of the UK’s leading teacher training schools. Simon now leads intensive teacher trainings, workshops and holidays around the world throughout the year. Prior to his life of yoga, Simon worked in the music industry as an A&R executive. On leaving the music industry Simon moved to Los Angeles where he trained as a macrobiotic chef, and explored the field of personal development and spiritual growth, studying psychology, bodywork, the Course in Miracles with Marianne Williamson, Chi Kung & eventually yoga, which has become the focus of his study and experience ever since, training as a teacher and yoga therapist under the guidance of Dr Larry Payne at Samata International in Los Angeles. Simon later returned to London and is now one of the UK’s and Europe’s most respected teachers.

Simon is a Patron to The Hope Foundation, a UK based charity working for the street and slum children of Kolkata, offering homes, care, medicine, and education.

Simon’s classes are friendly, focused and fun, infused with asana, pranayama, anatomy, philosophy, psychology and principles of Chinese medicine and energy work, working toward a complete yoga practice. His teachings help you to cultivate balance and harmony on and off the mat, and incorporate his interpretation of Yin and Yang Yoga, one of the most popular approaches to yoga practice today.