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Burnout: An Opportunity to Find Happiness

Thursday 11th September (18:00-20:00)
with Walter Bauwens

With a growing number of people experiencing burnout, this workshop aims to address many of the questions (e.g Why me? Who can help me?) and offer techniques for developing consciousness, calming the mind, and building self-confidence.

cost: 35 euros

Walter Bauwens:

As someone who experienced the rollercoaster of being a workaholic, Walter has a first-hand understanding of what can go wrong if you are not listening to your body. His burnout was cured after an intensive private coaching and by practicing yoga. Later he took a sabbatical and travelled to Nepal and Portugal where he discovered that Meditation with breathing techniques in combination with body movements and healthy food were the keys to his recovery.

Today he works again as a CCO for his former company www.3W.be that he sold to Adecco. His profession is coaching people to find challenging projects at management level. Privately Walter is Certified Yoga teacher and he and his wife Viviane have bought a house in Portugal with with an amazing view on the Atlantic Ocean. They organize Holistic Coaching and Yoga retreats in a family environment. His passion is to help people to discover more happiness by applying compassion to themselves and to the world.