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Welcome! This blog is a new feature on our website to keep everyone up to date on what is happening with the new space that will be Radiant Light Yoga (RLY) Brussels.  Yaaaayyyy 🙂
So here is the background: Even before I did my first teacher training I was always keeping an eye out for potential spaces for a yoga center in Brussels.  It was kind of a dream I had – wanting to create a place to practice yoga, a space where I would love to attend classes.  Then RLY Antwerp came to be.  Many of you reading this are students who may already know how RLY Antwerp came about.  This wonderful story merits an entire post itself, but the short version is that an amazingly generous and wonderful person GIFTED the yoga center to me (right?! I know).
Though I was really happy to be running RLY Antwerp and being involved in this growing community, my intention of opening a center in Brussels remained. Over the past years I have found numerous spaces that for one reason or another just would not work… and trust me we did our homework!  After the last one I decided to give it up for a while and concentrate on RLY Antwerp.  I kept up with my occasional perusal of the estate agency websites, but did so out of mild curiosity.  Then one day I saw a photo of a space that caught my eye.  It was in a fantastic location.  It had beautiful windows and a lovely exterior.  Without getting too excited (e.g. already arranging mats and setting up a class schedule), I made an appointment and went to visit.
Well, you have probably guessed by now what happened.  I walked in and thought, yes, we (because it takes a team) could make this work.  But would it meet all the criteria necessary to open it as a yoga center?  After MONTHS of working with various professionals, the answer was yes.
Fastforward to today (beginning of October 2015):  the space has been made ready for our team to come in and do the renovation.  We are starting with the necessaries (electricity, boiler, radiators, etc) and then onto making it beautiful.  Right now it is like a big blank slate, ready to become RLY BXL.
Looking forward to posting about the progress this coming week as the renovation team begin their work!