A message from us

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the permanent closure of the Radiant Light Yoga studios, Brussels and  Wilrijk.

During this time when so many businesses are having to make tough decisions about how to continue operating, we are part of that same challenge.

It was our intention from the very start of this pandemic to make it through to the other side.  Teachers have supported us by continuing to show up even in the most difficult of circumstances. You, our students, have showed support by stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking online classes. For the few months we were able to re-open, everyone adapted to the “new normal” in the studios. We were hanging in there.

Today, the reality is that the building in Wilrijk that houses our studio is being sold. At the same time, the Brussels studio has been suffering enormously, little financial aid from the Brussels government and a full rent to be paid every month. We have no other option but to close the books for the studios.

This is tremendously tough on us and at the same time we know that this has an effect on you as well. Some RLY students have been a part of our community for 9 years now. Although we cannot offer you the physical space any longer, it is our deepest wish to build further on what we started.

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