We are delighted to welcome you to Radiant Light Yoga with a special offer: join us for 2 classes for only €10!

I would like to register for my first class. May I do that online?

Yes! The above link will take you to the special offer for people who are new to our yoga centres, then you will be able to register for whichever class you would like to join.

If you do not have a credit card, or if you simply prefer, you may also pay in person. We have a bancontact machine or you may pay in cash. If this is the case, please arrive at least 10-15 min before the start of the class you wish to attend, so you have time to do the payment.

What class would you recommend as a Beginner?

Classes that are especially helpful for the beginner include: Yoga Basics, Yoga Fundamentals and Basic Alignment.

What do I need to bring? Are yoga mats provided?

Please wear something comfortable that allows for easy movement. In the Brussels studio we provide yoga mats (though you are always welcome to bring your own). In Antwerp, we ask that you bring your own (or to rent a mat for use during that class).

When should I arrive?

The doors are open 15-20 minutes before class begins. The door to the yoga studio closes at the start of class, so please arrive with time to spare, so you can settle in without having to rush.