Celebrating the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is when the sun is exactly above the equator and is on its way to moving North (as compared to the Autumnal Equinox, when the sun is moving South). After this point, those of us in the …

Are all stress reduction techniques the same?

If the intention is to reduce stress, does this mean that all stress reduction approaches work in the same way? The answer is no, relaxation response and mindfulness meditation affect the brain in different ways. These two well-known and thoroughly …

Yoga and resilience

Can yoga help me to develop my ability to calm down after a stressful situation?

A growing area of research is investigating why yoga can be helpful in establishing a more healthy response to stress. One research team (read the …

Pranayama for health and well-being


Within our conscious control, breathing is one of the ways we can make a change to our health and wellbeing. For example, we have the ability to slow our breath down to help shift into a more calm and …

Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training

Radiant Light Yoga is delighted to share the news that a KRI certified Kundalini Level 1 training will be coming soon to Belgium!  Spread over 3 sessions in 2019 (18-24 February, 8-14 April, and 16-12 November), this residential training will …

Testimonials from Teacher Training trainees

'The course is very well structured with interesting reading material. The teachers are very professional and treat all students respectfully and with caring kindness. The mindfulness part is definitely a plus to the program!’
- Katia

‘This TT has taught …

Electives for Yoga Fundamentals Teacher Training

Introduction to Teaching Yin Yoga
Sunday 15th April (14:00-17:00)
with Wesley Bassett

This elective will explain the difference of the Yin from the Yang practices and why the two are equally important to bring a better sense of balance into …


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